Let Me Take Care Of You

After a long day of work, i came home and jumped in the shower

As i turned the water off she greeted me with a towel
She patted me dry and unexpectedly 
dropped down to her knees

She began to lean forward

And a step back, i took

It caught her by surprise 

I could tell by her look

I extended my hand to help her up

Stared deep into her eyes, pulled her close and squeezed her butt

And with my hands firmly on her ass i picked her up and carried her to

The bed and laid her down and said

“Let Me Take Care of You…”

Gently I kissed her lips and moved down to her breasts

Leaving a trail of tongue kisses without taking a rest I

Got down to her inner thigh and started to caress

Her flesh with my tongue and suck gently 

Getting closer and closer to her purple lace panties

I sit up and pull them down over her ankles and 

Spread her legs open and wrap my arms around her hip creases and grab them with my hands

And i begin to gently kiss her clit

Soft and steady licks

Slowly getting stronger and deeper

Her body’s telling me she’s feeling it

And i begin to spell out words with my tongue like ‘This pussy is

Incredibly tasty’ using cursive strokes to create this alphabet 

She grabs the back of my head and tries to hold on

And i can feel her hips starting to buck and her legs starting to flex real strong

She tries to push away but i hold tighter and suck gently and steadily on her clit

Until she finally explodes and i lift my head and from my chin…




Cum Together

She didnt say a word

She just crept into my bedroom and
Climbed on top of me, covering my mouth with her hand, we
Both knew what was happening
And i couldnt resist
It was turning me on like crazy
And it was clear she wanted it
So i started to undress her and on her neck i placed a kiss
She moaned a little and reached down and started rubbing her clit
She felt me jump between her legs and so she grabbed my throbbing dick
Rubbed it up against her pussy that was now starting to drip…
She leaned forward and slid it in, but only to the tip
And took a deep breath as i laid back and bit my bottom lip
She took me in a little deeper and i just raised my hips

It felt so good i curled my toes, but just a little bit

She placed her hands upon my chest and pushed herself down

Her pussy was so f*ckin wet that it made this squishy sound

She rode me like i’d never felt before with my hands on her waist

My eyes started to roll back and forth with her steady pace

I could feel her legs begin to shake like an earthquake

And held her waist a little tighter to hold her in place

She squirted just a little bit and tried to take a break

But i rolled over and laid her down and leaned close to her face

I curled my tongue around her nipples and she let out a squeak

And started sucking gently, she could barely speak

I grabbed the sheets above her head and it stunned her, i could see

And slowly i started to push in and felt it getting deep

She arched her back and let out a moan that took me by surprise

I put her feet up by my head and leaned until we locked eyes

Deeper i grind into her and she tries to push away

But ‘oh my God, i’m gonna cum’ is all she could say

I felt her getting tighter as she built to her release

And it felt so good that it made my knees a little weak

In and out


I could feel it building up

Goosebumps covered both of us

As we began to cum

Together like all of a sudden an explosion came to be

And released her legs back down and rested on my knees

We took a moment to catch our breath

And she started to fall asleep

But i leaned over and whispered to her

“Nope, that was just round one, baby…”

The Journey 

Every thing that is done in the dark comes to the Light

So most try to focus in darkness on what is right
But, not I
Not I

Most assume the transition from dark to Light is instantaneous
And choose to live based on this
Unfortunately, my mind wont allow me to entertain this

Falsified premonition because it

Would only be an attempt to lie to myself

And i’ve tried, but i can not

Not I

Not I

As you flip the switch in a dark room to turn the Light on

The Light must travel from the source to the furthest corners

And although it happens in the blink of an eye,

Quickly means nothing if you can understand time…

If i was to slow it down, i could follow the path the Light takes

And eventually see the room half lit while in the unlit half the darkness awaits

The overpowering Light to force the darkness out of it’s place

Never completely gone, just hidden behind and underneath whatever is in the light’s space

If i was to slow it down, then i could also choose

Where exactly to cast shadows anywhere in the room

I could travel with the Light to a chair that wasn’t there

Until i placed it just to give the darkness a place to hide, because where

Light exists, there must also be 

Darkness for those searching for shade, see

One can not exist without the other, nor should it,

Heavy, but reality

The balance between the two is the key

For those searching for Light, they’ll find that it’s all around

And those searching for darkness will find that it is all they will ever see

Those that understand time must also understand this sorrowful tragedy

And with heavy hearts grow to love and inevitably see the beauty

In this extraordinary dance of life and death, Light and Dark, Yin and Yang

Because in order to truly appreciate one, the other must remain…

Dear Whataburger Patty Melt

Dear Whataburger Patty Melt

Don’t look at me like that
Trying to tempt me with your caramelized onions and melted cheese 
Trying to make me fat

And give me a gut and boobs that hang to my knees

What did i ever do to you?

Is it because of that one time i put fries inside of you?

It was nothing personal, i just like fries too

So i thought maybe

Just maybe

You would too…

You’re right, i dont do that to the Big Mac

But the Big Mac is just a friend, we don’t even chill like that

You say it’s not the fries?

So, what is it then?

Is it because i get a Strawberry Milkshake instead of a soft drink?

I don’t really drink soda, plus, the shake is delicious and pink

It’s not the shake either? Then tell me! Tell me why?

Why you insist on sending your burger-y goodness to my thighs?

You know that i’ve been working out

Working on my figure

And still you call me, knowing i cant resist, just to make me bigger



I’m just gonna let you sit there and get cold!

I’m sorry…

Come here…

I didn’t mean that, let me hold you…

Just one bite…

It won’t hurt…

I’ll just do an extra 20 minutes on the exercise bike!




My eyes are closed and i’m swimming in this explosion of incredible flavors

Like my mouth is having a party and there are toast, beef, onions, whatever frickin sauce that is, and cheese party favors

I know i said just one bite

But it’s in my stomach and feeling kinda lonely

So i have to take another bite

I can’t let it be lonely

That just wouldn’t be right


You got me again, you deliciously devilish temptress

And now you’ve gone and left me with these fries, and shake, and a whole lot of frickin stress

And I’m gonna eat the fries too,

But not because i want to

I’m only gonna do it to piss you off

Because of what you made me do

You think you’ve won?

Well you haven’t! 

Ok, so i do feel a little fat…

But only because the lady behind the counter is looking at me funny with her stupid Whataburger hat…

You may have won this battle, but the war’s not over

I just want you to know…

I’m leaving!

(May i take your order?)

Ummm… Yes… I’d like 2 Patty Melt’s to go…

Talk to Me

Talk to me

We speak every day

And your amazing strength makes you try to pretend that everything is okay

But my love is real

So i mean it literally when i tell you i can feel

When something is wrong with you

You are a part of me, so i feel it too

As well as the internal push to stand strong and never let the pain show through

But that mask will never fool me because you cant hide from you

Talk to me

If you need, i’ll get down on my knees

I just want to fix whatever it is that’s bothering you, please

I will give my all to make it right if you give me the chance

Although, i recognize the irony of it all because as a man

Everyday i try to make sure the world never sees my struggle, so i understand

But I’m not the world, i’m your world, i am you, so take my hand

And lay down on this couch of love made of clouds so we can let the sun shine through

And together we can straighten whatever it is that is askew

But we can’t

If you don’t

Talk to me

A Love Poem

Never could i have imagined that this love we share would be so true

You took the broken pieces of my heart and made it whole again

It feels like every second of my life was leading up to finding you

And falling in love was part of some divinely commissioned master plan

Your eyes see deep into my soul and find only love within

And i marvel at how amazing your soul is to me, perfection personified

And can’t deny my delight at the undeniable reflection

Of the beauty within on the outside

Every kiss is a reminder that your love is genuine

Every touch, gentle like i’m a precious gift

Every word gives me strength, builds me up and fills in

Everything personal doubt took off with

I will stand by your side through the sun and the rain

Our love will be an endless source of glee

I will kneel at your feet and kiss your soles through the pain

That will inevitably come along on this journey

Every day won’t be perfect, but with you i am certain there will always be reason to smile

We will grow old together and they will speak of our love until the end of time

We will appease the world with a walk down the aisle

Because they will never understand the everlasting bond that is reaffirmed every time we lock eyes

Lock and Key

For you i opened up and revealed the parts of me

That i hid from the world under heavily guarded lock and key

Seduced by the beauty inside of you and the feeling of you seeing beauty in me

Only to have you run away from what you found inside, an unlovable beast

I wish i could truly explain the pain of exposing my heart to you

Only to have you reject it, but you left it, so what good would that do?

So i run to the top of my bell tower and once again lock my heart away

Only this time, i destroy the key, so protected my heart will stay

Never again will i allow it to feel this vulnerability, this feeling, this pain

I refuse to give myself the chance to be wrong once again

So i slip on this mask and don this cloak and rejoin the masquerade

Never again to reveal my true self to anyone that may come my way

It seems that the truth is that love doesnt make it past the surface, and everyone is okay

With never really knowing the story behind the masks we wear everyday

I may never comprehend how someone could tell me they love me for who i am

And run from the history of what makes me the person that they claim to love, but maybe i’m not meant to understand

Maybe love is maintaining this pseudo reality while hiding the truth underneath

Of what makes this surface so attractive under heavily guarded lock and key

The Wait…

Every second of the day, i just want to run to you

But i understand to live that there are things that we must do

So i force myself to occupy my time away

But you never leave my mind, which just eternizes the wait

If i could, i swear that i would never leave your side

I’ll be your Romeo, My Juliet, together we will die

Distance nor time away could ever diminish our love

What we feel is not of this world, it’s sanctioned from above

That doesnt mean it doesnt hurt when you are not near

In fact, the pain where my ribs should be often seems too much to bear

But i find strength in knowing that you will return again

Into my arms, where you belong, even if just for a few moments

They say in good times time flies by, it seems, too quickly

But i don’t worry because i know we’ll spend eternity

Engulfed in love so real that i know that it will inspire

Others to search for what we have long after our flesh expires

Forever belongs to us, and still i cherish every day

With you, because when you’re away 

It still feels like i can not bear the wait

Til you return and my arms can hold you again in our single bed

Where two become one, souls become one soul, and love becomes whole again

Bigger Picture

I was wrong to think that i deserved a love like yours

A beautiful soul that i would only tarnish with my flaws

And still you look at me as though i am a piece of art

And it drives me to try to be as close to perfect as you are

In my eyes, so i try to make sure every stroke i make with this brush of life

Will only add to the beauty of the bigger picture for you and i


My father was always around, It was i that chose to leave

So i don’t know what it’s like to grow up without a daddy 

But what i do know, is daddy or not, life isn’t easy

And that good intentions dont mean good outcomes necessarily 

I grew up in the church, there is no better foundation to me

But i am a product of academia, a son of philosophy

My mind caused me to question that which God had placed in my life

And so God sent me into to darkness in order to find my way to Light

I wish that i could tell you that what i found was truth and certainty

But the truth is what i discovered was right and wrong is a matter of perspective, see

As you grow, you’ll come across situations you’ll handle alone with ease

But you’ll also come across ones you’ll feel you can’t discuss with anybody

Every one will praise you for the things you do that they think are right

And shun you for the things you do that they dont want around their lives

A man can go to jail for stealing from a store and the world would just see a theif

But no one would hire him and stealing was the only way for him to feed his family

A kid drops out of high school to sell drugs in the streets

Then builds a million dollar company from the ground up with his drug money

No parent wants their child around the kid that will introduce their child to drugs

Until that kid is hiring and can help keep food on the table and a roof above

Every day is a struggle, every day my mind’s at war

With itself, trying to figure out what’s more

Fitting of a good father, to teach you how to read or

how to flip a quarter into an ounce so you always have a way to feed yours

You might say ‘well you have to be around to teach me anything

Or at least once in a while, it would be nice to hear the phone ring’

Each one of you is unique, each story different circumstances

never once did i ever intend to leave you, but life doesn’t always go as planned, see

B4, i chased you down and fell in love instantly

And knew that i had to do whatever i could to be whoever you need

Dion, i fell for your mother and love and your brother turned our whole world upside down

I wanted to give you guys more, everyone tried to stop me, but joining the army is why i left town

GQ, there was something about your mother that made me never want to leave her side

I believed our love would conquer all and for that i would have fought until the day i died

That belief cost me everything, and i was wrong anyway, so all it did was ruin my life

Kept me away from your brothers, and undeservedly broke the heart of their mother and mine

You are all truly blessings of which no one is worthy, 3 gods, 3 wonderful kings 

Never let anyone tell you different, No matter what this life may bring

I know you’ll ask ‘if we are so special, then why did you stay gone’

Truth is i fought, but when everyone fights you, you start feeling like everyone cant be wrong

I stay away because the only thing i can give you is my time

I stay away because if there is better for you, my time’s not worth risking you having better lives

I stay away because for every choice i’ve made you ended up paying the price

i’ve made and still make so many mistakes that i fear every word i say would just be bad advice

How can i teach you the things that i still get wrong to this very day?

I want only the best for you

So i stay